Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A sad first day of school

Ryan has not been looking forward to school starting back up. He's always been my shy quiet child. The complete opposite of Gabe. Gabe never had any problems going to school, he is always excited to learn and create things and meet new people. Ryan on the other hand is just like his mama. He would be perfectly content to stay at home all the time and just be with his family. He'd much rather play and run than sit and do anything crafty. He likes to learn through play. We love Blessed Beginnings Preschool and I know that Mrs. Jenny and Mrs. Sherri will be great with him this year. He was a little sad on his first day, but his teachers said he did great. He still is having a hard time when I drop him off, but he's happy and excited when I pick him up. He always says that he had fun at school. He does know a few kids in his class so I think that makes it easier. These are the only pictures I got from the first day of school. He was not a happy camper and did not want to take pictures. Before we left for school he told me very matter of factly, "I am not going to school today!" Aren't these pictures sad?
Ryan and his friend Remi...he wouldn't even smile for her

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