Sunday, January 31, 2010

Gabe's 6th Birthday

Gabe's 6th birthday will be a memorable one. The impending ice storm had moved in and schools were cancelled. We were stuck inside. So I decided to make it the best day I could. This is our day in pictures...

We started out the day with a game of Twister. Gabe and I were all twisted up. Let me just say that game is not as easy as it used to be...

Kate really wanted to play operation next....

After some games Gabe and I made his birthday cake. We decided to make an Oreo cake.

We decided to make the cake a little more fun with some blue food coloring.

The Oreo cake after it was done.

Next, it was time for Sorry! Sliders.

Icicles were forming on the house...

Mixture of sleet and snow beginning to fall..

Matt made it home safe and sound and we had our cake and opened presents.

{Silly faces}

{Present Time}

He loves Hoops and YoYo

The Wii game he wanted
{Mario & Sonic Winter Games}

Inside the Oreo Cake

Gabe's Birthday Dinner

There was an ice storm that was supposed to be coming in on Gabe's birthday so we decided that we would take him out to eat for his birthday the day before. So Wednesday night we told Gabe he could go anywhere he wanted for dinner and can you guess where he chose? Johnnies. He wanted Johnnies for dinner and ice cream from Braums after.

Kate's First Hair Cut

Kate got her first haircut the other night. My aunt Denise trimmed up the back of her hair. The back was about all she could cut since Kate still doesn't have much hair on the top of her head. It was a pretty painless process. Hopefully her hair will start coming in a little more.



Kim's 50th Birthday

My Aunt Kim celebrated her 50th birthday last week and to celebrate we took her out to eat at The Melting Pot. The Melting Pot is this wonderful fondue restaurant in Bricktown. We went with Kim, Kylie, my mom, my other aunts Denise and Paula and my Grandma. It was so much fun! I haven't laughed so hard in such a long time!! The chocolate fondue was amazing! If you get a chance you have to try the Snickers! Fabulous!

Grandma Jill, Kim, Paula, Dawn, Denise

Paula, Me, Grandma
Me and Denise
Kim and Kylie

Mom and Denise
Mom and Me

Marshmallow Madness

I came out to the kitchen one night to find Kate had gotten into the snack cabinet and poured out all the marshmallows! She had a graham cracker in her hand when I caught so I think she was trying to make some smores...all she was missing was the chocolate!

The boys and their DS's

I took this picture of the boys both playing their Nintendo DS's and thought I'd share...


Johnnies has got to be our favorite restaurant to eat at as a family. We love their burgers. Anytime we ask the kids were they want to eat it is usually Johnnies. I have been going there since I was a kid. All three of our kids have different favorite foods. Gabe loves the frankfurters, Ryan likes the cheeseburgers and Kate loves the grilled cheese sandwiches. They all three love love love the french fries.

Random Pictures

Kate's Sombrero

Kate has taken over the sombrero Gabe got for Christmas. I got this picture of her in it and it immediately made me think of the little statues of the sleeping Mexicans in the sombreros. I know someone on my dad's side of the family had one of these statues.

New Years Eve

We had a little Mexican fiesta on New Years Eve. I made cheese enchiladas, spanish rice and beans. We played board games and watched movies. It was a nice relaxing New Years at home. We had silly string that we were going to use at midnight but Gabe was the only one to make it that late. Ryan and Kate passed out early. So we decided the save the silly string for when everyone was awake.

Fun at Monograms and More.

The kids had some fun with all the snow at Monograms and More. There was a big pile in front of our store that they just had to play in. They had a snowball fight with Kim and Kylie and they built a snowman. So much fun!!

Socks anyone?

I was cleaning out the boys room to make room for all the new Christmas toys and as I was cleaning out from under their bed I kept pulling out sock after sock. This is a picture of only half the socks I pulled out, I had already thrown a bunch in the hamper before I thought of taking a picture. They're always complaining about never having any socks, now we know where they all go!

One last Christmas Post

Saturday after Christmas we went the Matt's dad's house for Christmas with his family. We ate, opened more presents, and played Mario Bros. on the Wii.

Gabe got a little rocket that you step on the pedal and the rocket shoots up into the air. He was playing with it and I got some pretty funny pictures of him. You never knew where this thing was going to land so he kept ducking and moving around...