Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Christmas List

The other day Gabe came home with a note he had written to Santa. Well he didn't actually write it his teacher did, but he told her what he wanted. In the note he said he wanted the usual things he had already told me: Super Mario for the Wii and Bendaroos. But the last item was a little odd to me. He wanted a hat. So on the way home from school I asked him,

"What kind of hat do you want?"

"I don't know..."

"Well do you want a stocking cap or a baseball hat...."

And with the most serious look on his face he just simply said,

"I want a sombrero."

I couldn't contain myself. I was laughing hysterically! When I finally composed myself I asked him if he even knew what a sombrero looked like.

"Yeah it's big and it has little balls hanging off of it."

So now I'm on a quest to find a sombrero for Christmas.

Family Pictures

We had our family pictures taken a couple months ago. We hadn't had a picture of all of us taken since before Kate was born. And Matt and I hadn't had our pictures taken since our wedding day! We had Mary Morrow from ToMorrow's Memories take our pictures and she did a fabulous job! We had scheduled a "mini" session which was only a 20 minute session down at the Myriad Gardens. I have to admit I was more than a little nervous about how she was going to get any decent shots of my 3 rambunctious children in only 20 minutes! But she did it! I was extremely please with the great pictures we got!

Trying new things...

Kate never took a pacifier or a bottle as a baby. I can't tell you how many different types of pacifiers I bought her to try to get her to take one. I thought I had thrown them all away but she found one somewhere and has taken a liking to it. She'll walk around with it in her mouth and chew on it. She looks so funny walking around with this thing in her mouth...

Thanksgiving Pictures

As usual I'm behind on my posts. So this is going to be a speedy post. Here are some pictures from our Thanksgiving. We had lunch at my parents house with my grandparents and my Uncle Randy and his family. It was a great day!
I made this shirt for Kate. Don't look too close, I didn't do the greatest job sewing it. And by the end of the day it's eyes had fallen off...

This would have been such a great shot if she weren't munching on marshmallows!

Gabe decorating Meme's Christmas tree, a new Thanksgiving tradition

Gabe and Ryan making cookies

Monday, December 7, 2009

Our First Broken Bone

I always knew Ryan would be the first one to break a bone and I was right! He's just such a fearless rambunctious child. His dad calls him Tank if that tells you anything. On Tuesday afternoon we were at the store finishing up a busy day. Ryan was running around like he usually does at the end of the day. All of sudden he ran past me and somehow, I'm still not sure how, he slipped and fell. I heard a loud bang and he got up holding onto his head. At first I thought he busted his head just because the way his head hit the ground. But he wasn't bleeding anywhere. He kept rubbing his head. After a few minutes he was still crying which is unusual. Ryan usually recovers from falls pretty quickly, hence the name Tank. After a few minutes of crying he went from rubbing his head to holding his shoulder. After debating about whether or not this was a serious injury Matt and I decided just to take him over to the urgent care just to get things checked out. After the doctor saw that Ryan couldn't raise his arm over his head they decided to do an x-ray. And sure enough he had a broken collarbone. They gave us a prescription for some pain medicine and a sling and referred us to an orthopedic surgeon. We went to see the orthopedic surgeon the next day. He told us that Ryan is young enough that the injury should just heal itself. We just have to watch him to make sure he doesn't hurt it again. So that means no running, jumping or just being the crazy kid that he is. He's been pretty good about watching what he does.

Ryan's Thanksgiving Feast

Ryan's school always has a Thanksgiving feast before they let out for Thanksgiving break. They perform a couple songs and then the whole school eats lunch together. Ryan was dressed up as a pilgrim. His teacher said he wasn't too thrilled about putting the pilgrim costume on. But when he saw everyone else in their costumes he told her he would put it on just to sing his songs because he couldn't sing without his costume. In the pictures you'll see he doesn't look too thrilled. But he was so cute singing his songs! There is also a video of him singing one of his songs.