Thursday, July 28, 2011

Here We Go Again...

Several times a year I find myself with an unbelievably long to-do list. This is one of those times of year. Let me just list a few of those things for you...

- I have to plan Kate's 3rd birthday party. For most people this would consist of scheduling
a play zone somewhere, ordering a cake, and buying invitations. Not for this girl. I insist on
making my own custom invitations, finding the cutest cake possible, and finding neat and
unique party decorations and favors that I must make by hand. This year we're having her
party at our rent house so I'll be able to decorate my little heart out! This makes for a great
party and lots of great pictures, but it also makes for a lot of stress beforehand! I don't
know why I do this to myself but I can't just throw a party together. I have to have all the

- I am going back to teaching at the kids preschool, Blessed Beginnings. I am more than
excited to get back into teaching! I have missed it so much! But this requires me to go
through all of my teaching materials that have been stuffed up in the attic for 3 years. And
none of it is organized. When we moved I just threw everything in boxes without any rhyme
or reason. I really need to get that organized because we have several work days coming up
very soon. The first is a teacher's retreat and my co-teacher and I are in charge of coming
up with 3 or 4 crafts to show the other teachers. This sounds easy enough but once again, I
just can't throw together some crafts, I have to find the "perfect" crafts! I am not a perfectionist, by any means, but when it comes to things like this I just get a little crazy!

- Oh yeah, and kind of a big one would be we're moving into our new house in less than 2
months! And I have to pick living room furniture, a new dining room table,
curtains, blinds, new bedding for Kate's room, a new bed for Kate's room, new bedding for
Ryan's room, oh and accessories, accessories, accessories!! This job is very daunting to me.
Filling a new house with rugs, and lamps, and artwork, and pictures and all the little stuff is
really intimidating to me.

- I have to tag clothes for the Just Between Friends sale in August. I'm not sure this one will
get done. They have two sales, one in August and one in October and I think I'll probably
not have time to get everything done for the August sale. Although the October sale will
fall around Ryan's birthday so I'll probably be in party planning mode and not be able to do
that one either!

I have tons more to do, but listing all of these things is really stressing me out so I'm just going to stop there! I also want to make this last month of summer vacation as fun as possible for the kids. I feel like the summer has just flown by and we haven't done enough to enjoy it! (It doesn't help that it's 110 degrees out every day!) Feel sorry for me yet? :) Thanks, that all I wanted was a little sympathy! Ok, enough griping about everything I need to do! Now it's time to go out and do it! But first I have to go get the boys hair cut and go to the grocery store...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011