Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lions, Tigers, and Sharks! Oh My!

Matt came up with a great idea to take an impromptu trip to Tulsa a few weekends ago. We drove up on Saturday morning and started off with the Jenks Aquarium. The last time we went was a couple of weeks before Kate was born. The kids always like going to see all the fish. Unfortunately, the part we were looking forward to the most, the stingrays, was shut down due to remodeling. The stingrays were shut down the last time we went too which kind of stinks! But the kids had a good time nonetheless! Kate loved looking at all the fish, she would just tap on the glass and say "fish" over and over again.
After the aquarium we grabbed some lunch and checked into our hotel. I think the hotel was the boys absolute favorite part! For some reason they just love hotels. That's all they talked about on the way to Tulsa. They were especially excited about swimming. So as soon as we got settled into our room they were nonstop asking when we would go swimming. So we put on swimsuits and headed down to the pool. When we were down at the pool Kate would not go near the water and was crying the whole time. That's when I noticed she was very hot and running a fever. So I took her up to the room to get her some medicine while the boys continued to swim. Since Kate wasn't feeling well we decided to stay in for the rest of the night. Matt went and got us dinner, and he also bought us some popcorn and M&M's so we could watch a movie later. We thought about going home early since Kate wasn't feeling well, but the boys were so excited about staying at the hotel we just couldn't leave.
The next day we had plans to go to Safari's Animal Sanctuary in Broken Arrow. Kate seemed to be feeling better so we decided to go ahead with our plans. I am so glad that we did because it was so much fun! They took us on a tour of all the animals they have. We got to hold a baby kangaroo, feed the monkeys, pet a skunk, and lots more! The best part was feeding the big cats. They have 28 tigers and lions that you can feed. Most of the cats were just huge! And most all of their animals were rescued. These were animals that were purchased by regular people who couldn't take care of them. They told us a lot of stories about these animals but the one I remember most was that a man bought a tiger cub for his daughter so that he could impress his girlfriend at the time. Well, obviously the tiger got to be too much to handle and that's when Safari's came in a rescued it. I just couldn't believe that someone would buy a tiger for their daughter! All in all it was a great weekend away and I'm so happy that we were able to go!

Matt feeding the Liger. This guy was huge!

We love Zebras!

The pigs were so cute!

Q U Wedding

Gabe's kindergarten class put on a wedding ceremony for the letters Q and U. They learned that Q and U "stick like glue". This wedding is quite the production. One boy and one girl from the class are the bride and groom. There is a flower girl and ring bearer and the rest of the students are the bridesmaids and groomsmen. They sent out wedding invitations, the girls carried bouquets and the boys had boutonnieres. I made wedding programs for the ceremony. They had a reception afterwards complete with centerpieces and wedding cake and punch. It was so cute! Gabe was Mr. S, and he got to walk down the aisle with another little girl. They held hands all the way down the aisle, and it was so cute! Gabe was very serious though. I couldn't get him to smile at me through the whole ceremony! He was pretty embarrassed whenever someone asked him about walking with a girl though. So I was glad he actually held her hand when he was supposed to.