Sunday, August 8, 2010

Gabe at VBS

This is a video of Gabe singing at the VBS finale at St. Andrews United Methodist Church. He was cracking me up with all his dance moves!

Kate singing in the car

These are just a couple videos of Kate in the car. She got some new sunglasses and was rocking out to Black Eyed Peas. I've figured out how to upload videos from YouTube so I'll probably be posting a lot more videos!

I love...

these three kids!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Potato Prints **Bucket List**

One of the items on our bucket list was to make potato prints. I have never done potato prints before, even through all my years of teaching, so I decided we would try it. All I did was slice a potato in half and cut some basic shapes into each side. I also did each kids initial. But what I forgot to do was to cut the letter in reverse. Because when they stamped all the letters were backwards! Oh well! Now I'll know for next time! I am not an artist by any means so the shapes were pretty basic. After I cut the shapes out I put some paint on a paper plate and let the kids stamp away. They loved it! They probably stamped about 10-12 pages. Ryan would stamp and then he would rub the potatoes all over the paper so it would smear. But Gabe was very meticulous about his stamping. He would line up all the shapes in a line on some he even lined them up by color. He gets that from his dad! :)

Some of the paintings when we were done!

Notice the letter R is backwards...

House Updates (Bathroom)

The kids went to Lake Eufaula with my parents this week. While they were gone we decided to paint the countertop in the hall bathroom. The countertop is a navy blue color. We've been able to make it work this long since we've got boys. It goes along with the color scheme in their bathroom. But we're trying to make things more "neutral" so we can put the house on the market. We looked at several different solutions and in the end decided to go with the cheapest option! (I'm a cheap skate what can I say?)

We bought a can of RustOleum Countertop Paint at Lowe's for $20. We had them tint it the color we wanted. We went with beige to stick with the neutral theme. :) It was super easy to apply. I had to add 3 or 4 coats to really cover the blue but it was super simple and took no time at all. The only down side was the smell! It smelled like paint thinner in my house for the rest of the day! It was so
strong! I was very thankful that the kids were out of town because I wouldn't have wanted them anywhere near that smell. The box does say that it needs to dry for three days but it was dry to the touch within a couple hours. I was really happy with the results!

We have a few more touch ups for the bathroom. We bought a new faucet for $25 at Lowe's that we're going to install.
We're going to tile the floor and possibly add a new light fixture and then we'll be done with the bathroom!

Crazy Hair!

Kate is ready for Crazy Hair Day at school! Her daddy fixed her hair for her today!

House Updates

We've been updating our house with hopes to put it up for sale in the near future. We'd really like to upgrade to something a little bigger. We started by getting a new roof (twice) and a new fence.We also put in a new flower bed in the backyard. I've also been touching up paint and repainting the inside of the house. The first thing we did was repaint one wall in our living room. We had one wall that we had painted red when we first moved into this house. We decided to make the house more "sellable" we would repaint it to match the rest of our house. It was a little sad painting over that red wall because Matt and I painted that wall together before we had kids. But I'm really pleased with how the living room and dining room look now. The lighter paint just seems to brighten up the room. We also bought a new entertainment center to contain all the electronics we have!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

We had a lot of things to get done this morning so to save time I decided not to fix my hair and just let it air dry. My hair is naturally wavy and can sometimes get out of control so I don't usually wear it this way. So all morning while we were getting things ready to leave Ryan kept asking me, "Mama, are you gonna fix your hair?" or "You're hair is a little crazy today, mama." I just kept telling him it's not crazy it's curly! The first errand we had to run was to return some books to the library. We were in a hurry so I decided just to pull up to the book drop and drop the books in. Ryan asked me if we were going in to get some new books and I told him no. Then he says,

"Are we not going in 'cause you don't want anyone to see your crazy hair?"

The things this kids says! I'm not gonna lie, I actually thought about going home and fixing my hair.