Saturday, August 7, 2010

House Updates

We've been updating our house with hopes to put it up for sale in the near future. We'd really like to upgrade to something a little bigger. We started by getting a new roof (twice) and a new fence.We also put in a new flower bed in the backyard. I've also been touching up paint and repainting the inside of the house. The first thing we did was repaint one wall in our living room. We had one wall that we had painted red when we first moved into this house. We decided to make the house more "sellable" we would repaint it to match the rest of our house. It was a little sad painting over that red wall because Matt and I painted that wall together before we had kids. But I'm really pleased with how the living room and dining room look now. The lighter paint just seems to brighten up the room. We also bought a new entertainment center to contain all the electronics we have!

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