Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Birthday, Kate!!

Kate celebrated her first birthday on August 19th. Since her birthday fell on a Wednesday we had a nice quiet party at home with just the five of us. We saved her big family party for the following Saturday. On her actual birthday we ate dinner at home, Kate opened her present and then she got to enjoy her very first birthday cake. She had a great time opening her present. She didn't want any help, she wanted to do it all by herself. We got her a little learning table. It has lots of buttons to push with lots of lights and sounds. She loves it! After she opened her present it was time for cake. We got her her own mini cake to eat. She didn't eat much of it but she did make a huge mess of it! She loved playing in all the cake and icing. While she was eating her cake she got a little moody on me. This video I've added cracks me up especially when she makes that funny face of puckering up her lips. I swear I've watched this video a thousand times and every time it makes me laugh!!

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