Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Boomer Sooner

The OU football season has started. It's always an exciting time of year in our house. We have season tickets this year so that means we've been taking the boys to the football games. We only have three tickets so we can only take one kid at a time. Which I think is great because that place is so crazy packed I really couldn't imagine taking more than one kid! So we take one kid to the game and the other two stay with Meme and Papa. (They're the greatest!) But whoever gets to go to the game usually gets jealous because the other two get to spend an afternoon with my parents. You can never win with my kids! :) Gabe got to go to the first game with Matt and I. And it was a wet game! It rained the entire time. Gabe was a good sport though. He made it a whole 5 minutes into the first quarter before he told us he was ready to go home. But we got him a big bucket of popcorn, which he ate under his poncho, and he was good for another quarter. I didn't get any pictures of Gabe's first game because of all the rain, but hopefully I'll get some good ones the next time he goes.
Last week Ryan went to the game with us. He did pretty w
ell. He was more interested in what the football players were doing than Gabe was, but he got bored pretty fast. He actually fell asleep in the first quarter. I don't know how he slept through all that noise but he was out! He fell asleep on my lap so I was stuck
sitting down for most of the first quarter. If you've ever been to an OU football game you know that you can't see a darn thing unless your standing. Everyone stands for almo
st the entire game. We left before half time but we had a really great time. This is a tradition I'm really excited to see continue over the years. Kate will have to wait until she's a little older to join us, maybe next season....

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