Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Vacation Part 2

One of the main things the boys wanted to do in Florida was go fishing. So we bought them some cheap little fishing poles and went down to the pier back behind our condo. They had a great time and thankfully they caught some fish! I think the final count was 8 fish! Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me when they caught the fish. :( But I do have some pictures of them before the fish came along. We also tried catching crab. The first night we got to Florida we went down to the pier and on the side of the pier was this HUGE crab. It was probably about the size of a salad plate. My mom would tell you it was bigger than that, but I'm not sure! :)

Ryan has this fear of heights right now. Well I guess he's always had a fear of heights. He won't even let you hold him over your head without screaming. Well every night when we'd go out to eat we'd have to go over the Mid Bay Bridge which is this long bridge that goes over the beautiful water. Ryan would always say, I'm scared of heights! I don't wanna go over the bridge! He also didn't want to go into any tall buildings like hotels because he didn't want to go up that high. Silly boy!
Mid Bay Bridge

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