Thursday, August 20, 2009

Last day at the beach...

Here are just a few more pictures from our trip. On our last day at
the beach Gabe was using his Papa's binoculars to look out at the ocean, it was pretty cute! There is also a picture of Gabe makinghis goofy water face. He always makes this face when he goes
underwater. He's trying to wipe the water out of his eyes, but it's like he trying to pull his whole face off! It's pretty funny! Ryan was
having a good time playing in the pool with his Papa. I think he was trying to go underwater one of these pictures. And Gabe was getting a kick out of pushing his dad in the pool! One day before we left Florida we went to see some of my mom's family members that live there. First we went to see her cousin Patsy and then we went to her Aunt Hazel's house. The one thing I remember when I was a kid is that Aunt Hazel always has had beautiful flowers and plants in her backyard. So I knew I wanted to get some pictures while we were there. One of the pictures I didn't plan on getting was of Gabe with the slot machine! But I love it!!We had a great visit with Hazel and the kids had a good time running around her yard and feeding the koi. I have one more picture that I wanted to share, the night before we left Ryan was so tired he fellasleep eating his dinner. I got this cute picture of him!! We had a great vacation and I can't wait to go back! Hopefully we'll get to visit again next year!

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