Sunday, August 30, 2009

No More Training Wheels!!

Gabe has been working on riding his bike without training wheels. He's doing really great so far! It only took him a couple days to figure out how to stay up by himself. He had a little trouble figuring out how to turn around without stopping, but he's getting better. All he has left to figure out is out to get started by himself. He still needs his dad to steady him when he starts. We quickly figured out that mom can't help him with that because I would never let go of the bike. I was holding onto the back of his seat and when he started to go down the driveway I just didn't feel like he was steady enough for me to let go. He kept saying, "Mama let go! LET GO!" I don't know why but I just couldn't let go! Needless to say his dad has been helping him with that and I stay back and cheer. It does make me nervous to watch him ride. He just rides so close to the curb I'm afraid that he's going to go flying off his bike.

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Crystal said...

This sounds like our exact senario. Good luck, Gabe! Here's to hoping no one flies into the curb and that you can get the turning down quickly! :)