Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Day At The Splash Pad...

The other day we went to the splash pad to play. We wanted to try out this new place that we had never been before. A friend of mine from Blessed Beginnings Preschool, Jenny, and her son Reese along with another one of the boys friends, Brock, met us there. The kids had a great time playing in the water. It was one of the last free days we had before school started and it was just what we needed before the craziness began! Ryan was being Spiderman of course! He was doing
twists and turns and flips! He was also "webbing" everyone! I ended up getting wet within the first five minutes, which I wasn't planning on doing. I wasn't expecting Kate to be crawling all through al
l that water. I don't know why I wasn't expecting it since she is such a water baby. I was watching her play in the water and I thought I was in a "safe spot" away from all the squirting fountains when splat! I got soaked right in the face. I was standing right next to a water spout and didn't even realize it! It was quite funny! Kate was pretty intrigued with the water spouts and watching the water shoot up out of them. I caught one incident on video. She kept looking down into this spout and it would shoot up and hit her in the face. She never cried but you could tell it freaked her out a little, yet she kept going back to investigate!

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