Monday, June 22, 2009

Funny Things

Just a few funny moments at our house....

One day we were at the shop and Gabe came in and said, "Mom, I think I left my mind at home today because I just can't remember ANYTHING!"

Today I told the boys they had been watching too much t.v. and they needed to turn it off. Gabe asked me why they couldn't watch a lot of t.v. and I said, "Because if you watch too much t.v. your brain won't work." So Gabe said, "Well your brain really doesn't work because you and daddy watch A LOT of t.v."

Gabe loves to eat shrimp. He'll eat it anyway you make it. So the other night we ordered Chinese food and Matt got him some sort of meal with little tiny shrimp in it. Well while Gabe was eating he started choking on the shrimp. Matt was hitting his back trying to get it to come up, it was a few tense seconds but it came up. After the whole ordeal I looked back at the table and Ryan
 was gone. He had crawled under the table and was just sitting there. I said, "What are you doing down there?" He said, "I didn't want to see Gabe choke on dat food!" Then he got back up into his seat and continued eating. He's had fears of choking ever since he got that nickel stuck in his throat. It was pretty funny that he just slid under the table during the whole ordeal.

As most of you know Ryan loves superheroes. He has a whole drawer full of costumes that he loves to wear. When he's not wearing the costumes he lays them on the floor and gives them some sort of weapon to hold. So basically it looks like a deflated superhero is lying in my hallway. I've taken a couple pictures to show you....

I also found Kate sleeping like this the other day.  It looks so uncomfortable, doesn't it?

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