Saturday, July 26, 2008

Baby Shower

Yesterday was my baby shower for baby Kate. I decided I didn't want to have a big shower since this is my 3rd child, but I didn't want to go completely without a shower since it is my first girl. So we decided to have a small lunch at Nonna's in Bricktown with family and friends. It was such a nice lunch with just the girls. Oh and in preparation for the shower I went and had a pedicure the day before and I just have to say it was the best pedicure I've ever had. When the lady started massaging my feet and my legs I almost fell asleep in the chair. It was so nice!! Anyway, back to the shower. We had a really good time and baby Kate got lots of cute clothes. That's mainly what we needed. We still have most of the basics, but we most certainly don't have anything girly. So I was excited to just get pink onsies! My mom also made this gorgeous diaper cake. (Which she is going to start selling in our store, so if you're interested let us know!) On top of the diaper cake were the cutest little shoes. They're brown and pink Pedipeds, which we also sell in our store now! ;) This baby is already getting a pretty good shoe collection going. Thanks to everyone who came out with us, and if you couldn't make it we missed you!! Here are a few pictures...

Laverna, Whitney, Me & Erica Crystal, Celeah, Me & Amy
Me & My Mom
My grandma and I
Aunt Kim, Grandma Jill, Aunt Paula, Me, Aunt Denise, Mom, Cousins Maddie and Kylie
The cute diaper cake
Kate's first tutu...can you guess who it's from?Another cute monogrammed outfit from my mom
Kate's shoe collection so far. I just noticed there is lots of pink and brown, time to add some different colors.

And this is the bedding for Kate's room. Her room is painted, the furniture is up and we have the bedding, but there is still some construction going on so I don't have a picture of her room yet. But for all of you wondering what the birds looked like, here you go...

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