Monday, July 16, 2012

It's Raining!

We haven't had much rain this summer.  So when it rained last week we took advantage!  I had seen some on Pinterest about painting in the rain so I decided we would try that.  I had an extra canvas and some powdered tempura paint.  We sprinkled the paint on the canvas and then left it out in the rain.  It started out looking really cool, but I think we left it out there too long.  Eventually most of the paint just washed off the canvas.  The art project was kind of a bust, but it was a perfect "play in the rain" kind of day!  No thunder or lightening and it was nice and warm!  So I busted out the camera and took some pictures (of course) while the kids were playing!  They were drenched when it was all said and done!  I love days like this!

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