Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oh Hail!

It's spring here in Oklahoma and that means it's tornado season. We've had a couple of really big storms that came pretty close to our home. They were a little too close for comfort. One of the storms produced very large hail. We had taken cover in our neighbors tornado shelter when we heard this horribly loud banging on the garage door. We ended up having quite a few holes in our roof. The bad thing about that is that just ONE week earlier we had had our roof completely replaced. We had a bent gutter and my car had a ding or two in it. And the windshield in my car was cracked. Not nearly as bad as some of the other cars who had their windows completely knocked out. Our neighbors back window or her house was shattered as well. I think we came out pretty lucky. These are a few pictures of what we found when we came out to find...

Ryan holding the massive hail

The kids thought it was so cool! They were throwing it down the driveway and pretending they were bowling!

That's my hand holding the hail...softball size

This is the view we had as we were coming out of the shelter

All the kids in the kids had a blast they're not afraid of any stinkin' tornadoes!

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