Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ryan is 4!

Today is Ryan's 4th birthday! Somehow (overnight, it seems) he has turned into this little man who loves football, superheroes and wrestling around with his brother. The funny thing is that I think Ryan is more excited about Halloween this year than his birthday. He's been asking me all weekend, "After my birthday is Halloween, right?" He can't wait to dress up in his Halloween costume.
Tonight Ryan got to pick where we ate dinner. He decided he wanted pizza, so we went to Mazzio's. When we came home we had and cake and opened his present. He got an Iron Man toy, which is exactly what he wanted. Now we're watching Transformers. I'd say it's a pretty good birthday in Ryan's world. Saturday will be his superhero party at JumpZone. Everyone is going to dress up as superhero's for his party so it should be fun....

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