Saturday, November 8, 2008

He's got an answer for everything...

Gabe is so much like his dad, it's crazy. One of the things he gets from Matt is that he's got an answer for everything. Here's an example...

On Monday I took all the kids to the doctor for flu shots. Gabe and Ryan were crying and saying they didn't need a flu shot. While I was trying to coax them into getting the shot here's a conversation Gabe and I had.

Me: "You know who else gets flu shots?"

Gabe: "Who?"

Me: "Spiderman gets flu shots."

Gabe: "No he doesn't!"

Me: "Yes, he does! Spiderman can't get sick, who do you think will save everyone if Spiderman gets sick?"

After thinking for a minute Gabe looks at me and says very matter of factly: "Batman."

He's always got an answer...

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Denise said...

bahahahahahaha! That's AWESOME!