Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas Day

Gabe was very fickle about what he wanted Santa to bring him this year. It started out being a Pat Pat Rocket. It's just a little toy rocket from The Little Einsteins. That was the hardest thing to find. I was convinced I would never find it and he would be so disappointed on Christmas morning. I had everyone looking for it. My aunt Denise finally found it at Target. A couple weeks before Christmas Gabe's new thing he wanted was Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii. I didn't think anything of it at first. But when he asked to go back to the mall to see Santa so he could change his request, I got a little concerned. Then at the Milgrim Christmas Party Gabe opened a present and started saying, "Santa didn't bring me my Super Mario Galaxy!" in just the saddest little voice. My mom had bought the game for him and was going to give it to him at her house. My husband and her were thinking we should switch and give Gabe the Mario game at our house and she could give him the rocket. We decided to leave things as they were and just hope for the best. On Christmas morning Gabe woke up about 7:15 and went into the living to see his presents Santa left. He came running into my room with wide eyes and said, "Santa brought me my Pat Pat Rocket!!" He was so excited and completely forgot about Super Mario Galaxy. Ryan got the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse from Santa. Ryan was a little harder to buy for than Gabe. He's not really into anything in particular which made it a little difficult. They both really enjoyed opening presents. Gabe was super fast when it came to opening presents. He would barely take time to look at what he got and then he would move on to the next present. It was pretty funny! I got some great presents. New clothes! Which I really really needed. And I got a roomba! You know, one of those little round vaccuums that goes all by itself! It's awesome! Matt got the present he wanted...Guitar Hero III. He knew he was getting it because Gabe can't keep a secret!
After we opened presents and got dressed we headed over to Matt's dad, Lynn's house. We ate a great lunch and exchanged presents and played more Dirty Santa. It was fun! After that we headed over to my parents and exchanged presents. My brother Zach and sister-in-law Kacie were there. Later on my grandparents and uncles came over too. We had lots of fun playing games. It was so much fun and turned out to be such a great day! When we got home we were all exhausted we put the boys to bed and then Matt and I played some Guitar Hero III. While we were playing Gabe snuck into the hall and watched us. He eventually fell asleep in the hall. It was too cute!

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Denise said...

i love that picture! what a great christmas! love you much!