Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Tees

So I made Kate all these really cute t-shirts for Christmas. My favorite was this green one with three Christmas trees on it. And it had her first and middle name on it too. She wore that shirt all day I even took her picture in it, I loved that shirt! That night for dinner we went to a mexican restaurant. Kate was sitting in her high chair, and I was wiping off her shirt and it hit me! I spelled her middle name wrong!!! OMG!! How could I do that?!? I spelled Olvia instead of Olivia! I had been parading her around all day in that stinkin' shirt with her name spelled wrong! It was so embarrassing all I could do was laugh! Of course Matt made sooo much fun of me. And Gabe told me I needed to watch the show Olivia so that I would know how to spell Kate's middle name.

I didn't make this shirt, but it sure was cute!

Another one of the shirts I made Kate

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