Sunday, January 24, 2010

Christmas 2009

After the crazy Christmas Eve we had we woke up the next morning refreshed and ready for the day. Santa had brought lots of good presents for the kids. Ryan got a big Bumblebee transformer. Gabe got a cool little bulldozer RC set. And Kate got her little playhouse.

Gabe's Santa Gift

Ryan's Santa Gift

All the presents

All the Santa Gifts

Kate opening presents

My pretty girl in her Christmas Dress

After we opened presents and ate breakfast we went to my parents to open gifts. While we were there the kids decided to go out and play in the snow. They had lots of throwing snowballs and making snow angels.

After my parents we made our way over to my grandparents. The snow wasn't going to get in our way of making our rounds to see family!! We ate a delicious meal and opened even more presents! Kate a good time playing the piano while there. I got this sweet little picture of her.

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