Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas Eve Traditions

Every Christmas Eve the kids get to open one present and it's always the same thing, pajamas and a Christmas book. So as soon as we got home from our trek through the blizzard, we sat down and opened presents. The kids put on their pj's and we read their books. After we finished Gabe started bringing me all these things he had made at school to do on Christmas Eve. The first was reindeer food. Basically, it was a bag of glitter he sprinkled out on the porch so that the reindeer would find our house. We (well actually Matt) had cleared a path on the porch and sidewalk because Santa had one particular gift that had to get in through the front door. So Gabe went up and down the path, in his pajamas, sprinkling the reindeer food. After that he brought a magic sleep potion, which was hot chocolate and a candy cane. This was supposed to help him sleep, which it didn't. But they were lots of neat things we hadn't done before, so that was fun! Then Matt let the boys track Santa on the computer. After that it was time to set out cookies for Santa and get in bed. Oh by the way, Matt got me a new smaller camera for Christmas and I was used to using it so that's why a lot of my pictures are blurry. I finally figured out I have to use a different setting, but that was after Christmas! :( So alot of my Christmas pictures are blurry. But it's a great small camera that I can carry around with me all the time!
Getting ready to open presents

Reading their Christmas books

Katie loved her pjs!

Sprinkling Reindeer Food

Tracking Santa Claus

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