Sunday, January 3, 2010

Annual Milgrim Christmas Party

Our annual family Christmas party was at my Aunt Denise's house this year. Every year the kids that are 18 and under draw names and exchange gifts. This year we decided to do Dirty Santa for the adults. That was a lot of fun! I think the two most popular gifts were the game tote my mom brought and the Obama t-shirt and puzzle that I brought. Everyone wanted to get the game tote and they wanted to get rid of the Obama stuff! It was pretty fun! I also made personalized Christmas t-shirts for everyone. The older kids weren't all that impressed with the shirts but we made them put them on for a picture anyway! As you can tell from the picture a couple of them just weren't into it! All in all we had a great time with our wonderful family!

Kate got this cute little stroller which she loves

This side was cooperating with pictures

This was the best picture I got...

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