Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Eve Blizzard

Wow! Christmas Eve was very memorable for us! The weathermen had been calling for snow, and lots of it, all week. I, along with everyone else in Oklahoma, didn't believe them. See, our weathermen are great when it comes to predicting tornadoes, but not so much when it comes to snow. Usually when they call for snow it turns out to be sleet and ice and if they call for sleet and ice it turns out to be rain. Needless to say, we didn't even think twice about canceling our plans to go to Norman to see Matt's mom for Christmas Eve. So around 10:30 we headed down to see Matt's family. It had already started sleeting, but no snow yet.
The kids had a great time playing with their Mimi and their aunts. There was another baby there named Trey that Kate was loving all over. She also loves playing with
the dogs. We had a great lunch, opened presents, and played games. By 1:00 it was snowing hard. It was all over the news that they were shutting down the interstates.

The boys playing Go Fish with Mimi
Kate was cheesin' it up for me
Kate opening her gifts
This is Kate playing with Trey they were so cute together!

So we decided we should probably try to get home. We packed everything up and tried to make our way back home. Matt's sister Erica and her husband Byron decided to head home too, as well as his sister Whitney and her boyfriend Matt. We had to dig Byron and Erica out of the driveway and I knew it was going to be a rough ride home. We made it up the street a couple of blocks until we came to a hill. Erica and Byron were up ahead and seemed to make it out okay. Whitney and Matt were following behind us. Our little car tried very hard to get up this hill, but it just couldn't make it. It was too slick. So after many tries and lots of stress on my part Matt decided to back up and go back to his moms house. Whitney and Matt were able to get out so they headed home. I was very thankful that we got stuck so close to a nice warm house and that we weren't stuck in a car somewhere. We made it back to LaVerna's house and I decided
I would call my dad to see if he could come get us. Had it been any other night I would have been okay with staying the night, but I had to find a way home on Christmas Eve.
Thankfully, my dad has 4 wheel drive and is great at driving in bad weather. He didn't even hesitate when I asked him to come get us. While we were waiting on my dad to come get us. Erica called and said that she and Byron were stuck. We were about to send a search party when she called and said someone had helped them out and they were one their way back. This was about 2 hours after they had left and they had only gotten a few miles from the house. My dad showed up at about 4:30 or so and we were headed home. It was starting to get dark and the snow was blowing hard! It was a scary drive home. Not really because of the slick roads but just because you couldn't really see where you were going. You coudn't see any curbs so you never knew if you were going to run off the road. There were cars stuck all up and down the streets. And they were stuck all over the place, on the side of the road in the middle of an intersection, on the on and off ramps of the highway. It was crazy! We finally made it home sometime around 6:00. It was a long and crazy day, but a day we will not soon forget! This was all the snow on our front porch...

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