Sunday, August 30, 2009

It's Official...We Have A Kindergartner!!

On August 13th my baby boy started Kindergarten. It was a very big day! A couple days before the first day we went up to the school for back to school night. Gabe got to see his classroom and meet his teacher. After we left Gabe was a little quiet in the car. If you know my son well enough he is never quiet in the car. It's always question after question. So I knew something was going through his head. I asked him if he was a little nervous about going to such a big school and he said yes.But later he told me, "I'm not so nervous anymore." The first day of school went pretty smoothly. Gabe's nervousness had passed,but Matt and I were feeling it now. We took him inside and dropped him off. Gabe was ready to go into class but I kept making him take pictures. He was a good sport though. :) When we picked him up a couple hours later he said he had lots of fun! So the first day of school was a success!

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