Wednesday, August 5, 2009

4th of July

I know I'm behind but I just wanted to post a little about our 4th of July. We had our annual WTB (White Trash Bash). This was our 3rd year to have it at our house. We cookout, swim in our little 4 ft pool and pop fireworks in the street. It doesn't get much more redneck than that! But it's fun and that's why we do it!! This year was a very rainy 4th of July. The kids got to swim for a little bit but then the rain came. We ended up eating inside. We had lots and lots of good stuff to eat. After dinner the rain died off a bit and we decided to go ahead and try to do some fireworks. The boys had fun watching their daddy shoot off fireworks. We can usually see Moore's fireworks from our front yard so after we do our own fireworks we watch the city's. This year they cancelled them on the 4th and rescheduled them for the 5th. So everyone came over the next night and we did it all over again!
Gabe and I cheesin' it up!

Kimmie helping Kate shoot off a roman candle...just kidding!
MeMe & Kate
I just love how she's looking at her brother...
Kate & I

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