Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Helmet

Ryan has developed quite the little personality. He has two obsessions right now. He is way into Spiderman. Not the cartoon Spiderman either, the real spiderman. He loves to watch Spiderman 3. He asks to watch that movie everyday. It is too cute.
He's also obsessed with sports. He wants to play every sport imaginable; soccer, baseball, football, golf anything that involves a ball. But his true love right now is football and not just any football, OU football. His daddy has officially brainwashed him. Gabe was an OU football player for halloween last year and Ryan wears that costume around the house every chance he gets. He sleeps with the helmet every night. Every morning when we get dressed he wants to wear his jersey or his "football shirt" as he likes to call it. He was wearing Gabe's Nike tennis shoes around the house calling them his "baseball shoes". So we went out and got him his own Nikes and he wears them constantly. He tells us they make him run fast. He's been sleeping with the shoes now too. I don't let him wear the jerseys everyday like he would like, but it is the first thing he puts on when we get home in the evenings.
Sleeping in his jersey with his helmet, a baseball glove, a baseball bat and a gun...he's ALL boy

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