Monday, April 14, 2008

A New Room For The Boys...

We moved the boys into the same bedroom this weekend. They're both sleeping in Ryan's room. The first night went really well. They were both very excited to sleep together and they fell asleep pretty quickly. They were so cute!

The next couple nights weren't as smooth as the first night. Last night it took them about an hour to put themselves to sleep. In the meantime, they pulled all the covers and sheets off their beds. I really wanted to get this process started as soon as I could, so that they would be used to it by the time the baby got here. Eventually we'll be getting them a bunk bed to save space. Right now all their toys are in Gabe's old room and it makes a pretty nice playroom.

I've also got a new product on my website. They're gift tags and I absolutely love them! We go to lots of kid birthday parties and I feel like I'm always trying to find a birthday card to go along with the gift. I had 50 of these little cards printed off and now anytime I need a card I just grab one and attach it to my gift. I'm so excited to use them!!

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