Tuesday, August 3, 2010

We had a lot of things to get done this morning so to save time I decided not to fix my hair and just let it air dry. My hair is naturally wavy and can sometimes get out of control so I don't usually wear it this way. So all morning while we were getting things ready to leave Ryan kept asking me, "Mama, are you gonna fix your hair?" or "You're hair is a little crazy today, mama." I just kept telling him it's not crazy it's curly! The first errand we had to run was to return some books to the library. We were in a hurry so I decided just to pull up to the book drop and drop the books in. Ryan asked me if we were going in to get some new books and I told him no. Then he says,

"Are we not going in 'cause you don't want anyone to see your crazy hair?"

The things this kids says! I'm not gonna lie, I actually thought about going home and fixing my hair.

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