Saturday, July 3, 2010

Party Day!

We had a birthday party and wedding planned all in one day last Saturday. It was a very busy day but it was a fun day filled with lots of time with family. We planned on having my cousins 6th birthday on Saturday afternoon. He had a Mario and Luigi themed party and of course I volunteered to help plan. It was so much fun, because it seems like forever since I've been able to plan a party. I didn't do much, just ordered the cake and set up some decorations but it was enough for me!
Kylie was a bridesmaid in Kyle and Sue's wedding that night so while we were all at the birthday party NeeNee did Kylie's hair.
My cousin Kyle got married to a wonderful girl named Sue. Their wedding was at the Dominion House in Guthrie. It was a beautiful wedding! We had so much fun dancing and spending time with our family!

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