Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Day at the Splash Park

The kids love the splash park! They had a fun time playing in the water on this hot day! This was Kate's first trip back to a splash park this year. I took her last year when she was a baby and she loved it, but I wasn't sure what she would think of all the spraying water this year. I should've known she would love it! She had her face right up in the spouts and was running under all the water. She was running all over the place! She really liked sitting on the water spouts. It was pretty funny to watch her squat over those spouts and wait for the water to spray! Ryan on the other hand just runs around the perimeter so that he doesn't get under any of the big buckets of water. Every now and then he'd get brave and run under a bucket. Gabe had fun, but some other kids had water guns and water balloons and he really wanted some. So next time we'll have to come with supplies to keep him entertained longer!

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