Saturday, January 24, 2009

Christmas 2008

I am way behind on my blogging!! Well here we go...

We had a great Christmas! This year, for the first time in the six years we've been married, we actually put up an artificial Christmas tree. Growing up we always had real Christmas trees. And I held out for as long as I could, but this year Matt convinced me to try it his way. I have to admit that it was much easier. As some of you know, every year I have a different theme for my Christmas tree. This year I decided to go with the traditional green and red. I was really happy with how the tree turned out.

I also made my own Christmas cards and gift tags this year. Here's how they turned out...

Front of the Card

Inside of the Card

Back of the Card

Gift Tags

The boys also made a gingerbread house. It was a messy, but fun project. Gabe was very meticulous about how his house looked and Ryan really didn't care, he spent most of the time eating the candy instead of putting it on his house.

We spend Christmas Eve with Matt's sister, Erica and her husband Byron. His mom LaVerna and Mark and his other sister Whitney and her boyfriend Matt were there also. It's always so much fun spending time with all of them! Byron and Erica cooked us dinner (which was yummy!) and we opened gifts. We had a great time.

Mimi LaVerna & Kate

Aunt E and Kate

Aunt Whit helping the boys with their toys

After we got home from the Bonner's it was time to open our Christmas Eve gifts. Every Christmas Eve the kids get to open their Christmas Eve pajamas (so we all look nice and pretty on Christmas morning) and a Christmas book. This year they got Merry Christmas, Curious George. We set out cookies for Santa and then it was off to bed.

On Christmas morning the boys woke up to find presents from Santa. Our kids get one big present from Santa and the rest are from mommy and daddy. They both got a Nintendo DS (red for Ryan and blue for Gabe) and a skateboard. The day for Christmas Gabe informed us that he wanted to call Santa and tell him that he didn't want a DS for Christmas anymore he wanted a skateboard. So "Santa's Helpers" had to run around on Christmas Eve looking for 2 skateboards. He does this to us every year. Presents this year consisted of a lot of action figures and costumes. We got them a Star Wars dress up kit which was a hit with Ryan. He put the costume on immediatly and played in it all morning. Kate got a little play gym and her very first Raggedy Ann doll. I had one when I was little and I thought she needed one too. She slept most of the morning so that's why there are no pictures of her.

After we opened presents at our house we went to my mom and dad's house for a Christmas brunch. The food was so good! We opened more presents and had a great time.

KyKy and the boys

Gabe still lost in his DS

Papa and Kate sleeping on the floor

The Saturday after Christmas we went to Matt's dad's house to have Christmas. We opened even more presents and played Guitar Hero. It was more Christmas fun!

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