Sunday, September 16, 2007

Dot Com Junior

Gabe came home with an art project last week. I just thought it was so funny and I had to share. They're talking about their body parts at school and everyone got to trace their hands and tell what they use their hands for. All the other kids put things like I use my hands to clap or color. And Gabe put I use my hands to play dot com junior. For those of you who don't know the translation for dot com junior is Gabe loves to play games on the computer. He knows how to work a computer about as well as I do. I thought this was so cute, so I decided to post the artwork for you to see...


E said...

That's it! Gabe loves computer games, it's so funny how we are brought up with board games, card games, and Nintendo and here Gabe is typing in a website address to play his games! No more blowing on the Nintendo cartriges if the game doesn't work!


NeeNee said...

Maddie always wants to 'blog on' to Nick jr! It's her favorite!

Nee Nee